Our Board

Venetian Heritage was founded in 1999 by Lawrence D. Lovett, a man of great culture, sensibility, and generosity. Deeply enamored with Venice, he focused his love of the city into a commitment to help save the many buildings, sculptures, paintings, and works of art at risk from the ravages of time and flooding and to promote Venetian culture to the wider world. 

Larry gathered friends and colleagues to establish a devoted and knowledgeable group made up of art historians, architects, philanthropists, all prominent Americans and Europeans. Charged by their mission to protect and to share their love of Venetian culture, the board has tirelessly supported projects all across the former Republic, highlighting the city’s importance across the region. With just a small staff, the Board of Venetian Heritage has employed the strengths of its directors with great yield.

Under the new chairmanship of Peter Marino, Venetian Heritage looks forward to the next decade of work, to continuing our role in ensuring the cultural contributions of Venice and the surrounding region are preserved for study and enjoyment.



Peter Marino

Vice Chairman


Mrs. Donald K. Miller



Carolyn H. Miner

Vice Presidents

Alexis copy.jpg

Alexis Gregory


Rodman Primack


Thomas C. Quick



Maury Riad



Caroline Levy-Mazella di Bosco

Managing Directors

HSH Prince Pierre d’Arenberg

Emilio Ambasz

Deborah Berke

Mrs. Kenneth A. Buckfire

Mrs. Teresa A. L. de Bulgheroni

Michael L. Cioffi

Steven Harris

Suzan Sabanci Dinçer

Christine Hearst Schwarzman

Joseph J. Sitt

Brian Swardstrom

Becca Cason Thrash

Ari Wiseman